Calling all sports centers: claim your complimentary WIWE device!

We offer 50 device for sportcenters to prevent sudden cardiac arrest

Special offer at Millenáris, Budapest, World Heart Day

Looking forward to seeing you on 24 September at "World Heart Day" in Millenáris Park, Budapest.

Review of WIWE by Dr. Kenan Raddawi, Medgadget

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. One of the oldest, and still most commonly used, diagnostic tools in cardiology is electrocardiography (ECG). As today’s healthcare pushes for more mobile health solutions and optimal remote patient monitoring, a number of companies have introduced portable, handheld ECG devices for personal use.

The Medical Futurist unpacking and trying out WIWE live!

Watch Berci unpacking and using WIWE for the first time!