"WIWE device offers demand ECG recordings and blood-oxygen level monitoring in cardiac, asthmatic and other patients. It has a serious advantage over Holter monitoring, which is that patients can trigger recording at the specific time they have their symptoms; they function like symptom event recorders with added advantage of smartphone application. It confirms arrhythmia and also convinces  patients of "non-event" in patients with anxiety disorder" - Prof. John Kpodonu, Medical University of Ghana

„Handheld 1-lead ECG devices, such as WIWE, can serve as an excellent way for people to routinely monitor their ECG for potential arrhythmias at home and determine if further follow-up with a physician is indicated." - Dr. Kenan Raddawi, Medgadget

„Every houshould should have a WIWE just like you have a thermometer at home" - Csaba Balogh, HVG

„This tiny device is like my pacemaker - it's always with me, it lives with me" - Monika Back, Heart Runner Ambassador

„I'm a GP and WIWE helps me in my communication with my patiens”

„Digital devices play and will play a revolutionary role in health promotion and prevention..."

„Even though WIWE does not replace a 12-lead ECG, it is very useful for rhythm analysis and blockage detection. And what it does not show, it draws attention to so that further examinations can be done. Besides, it fits my pocket and it's easy-to-use. A fantastic device!!”

„It gives me a feeling of security and I can take it with me anywhere"

„I was recently diagnosed with an issue that requires heart valve replacement. Using WIWE I could have discovered that problem earlier. I'm ucky that it was still discovered in time, but the diagnosis WIWE gives and the one I got from my doctor are identical!"

„It's suitable for daily control and it's very easy to use"